What You Should Know About Getting Dental Crowns in Warren NJ

Before getting dental crowns Madison WI, it is important to understand just what they are, how they work, and what types are available to you. This will help to ensure that the procedure never gets too overwhelming. The truth of the matter is that dental crowns offer more benefits than problems, so once you are familiar with the concept the rest is pretty easy to deal with.

What Exactly Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a type of cap that is shaped to look like a tooth. It is typically is placed over your natural tooth to protect it and to help regain some of its shape and strength. It also helps to improve the appearance of unhealthy teeth. The crown is actually cemented over an entire tooth where it is exposed over the gum-line.

Why Are Dental Crowns Needed?

There are a variety of different reasons one might want to use Dental Crowns Warren NJ. One of the most popular reasons happens to be cosmetic because it is any easy way to cover up broken or stained teeth. Crowns are also used to protect teeth from decay, and to hold together parts of a cracked tooth. Dental crowns can be used to help hold together bridges and dental implants as well.

Different Types of Available Dental Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are the most common types of crowns used today because they hold up well to wear and tear, and they can last decades without having to be replaced. Gold and nickel alloy is also a popular choice due to cost effectiveness. Another option for dental crowns is to fuse porcelain to metal for a realistic look and feel. Resin and ceramic materials are also available for use when creating dental crowns.

The Process

The first step in getting dental crowns in Warren NJ is to have your teeth examined and prepared by your dentist. This usually entails X-Rays, checking of the roots, and dealing with any decay if it is present. When the crown is ready to be put on the tooth and surrounding gums are numbed before being filed and putty is used to make an impression of the tooth. Your new crown is then made before being permanently molded into place. It usually takes between two and three weeks for a new crown to be manufactured. Visit us online for more information!

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